Concierge Service

We are committed to making your stay with us a "top notch" experience. Our concierge services are focused around taking the work out of owning a RV. Normally, you need to have your spouse or friend follow you to get your RV serviced. Then you need to spend a day or two cleaning it to get ready to take a trip. Finally when your leave you need to drive to find a gas station. On the way back you would need to find a dump station.

If you choose to take advantage of our concierge services, when you come back from a trip put it away and leave. If you need a ride just arrange it with our front desk. You can arrange to have the dumping done, cleaning the RV, have your propane tanks filled and schedule pick up for service. When your ready to leave you can get gas at Loves across the street, and your off on the freeway. Since we are a family owned company we are open to do anything. If you need something just ask. We have the best services offered of an RV or boat storage facility anywhere.